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08-Oct-2017 09:26

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Mallinder should not really be there but he is there because he has got a high work rate and the front five have not got themselves into position.

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We have been trying to cope with obesity in the last 15 years but we have done nothing but stand and watch the rates go up and up,' he said.'Although the Government is trying to tell us the figures are evening off, in inner cities where there is deprivation it is getting worse.

egardless of whether Northampton ultimately lose, I think it is ridiculous to say that Jim Mallinder is under pressure.

If you sack your coach within eight games let alone two then as a club you made a massive mistake in the summer.

Win and the bitterness of their Twickenham disgrace will be instantly erased.

It can set the direction for the rest of their season.Fat map: This map shows the worst areas for obesity-related hospital admissions in England last year.