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He had just launched Wiki Leaks, a little online operation with big ambitions.Assange hoped it would exemplify a value he held high: All information should be public, no matter how sensitive or embarrassing. Passionate, and often pig headed activist intellectual seeks siren for love affair, children and occasional criminal conspiracy.Around 500 BCE, Spartans who were trying to send secure messages during military campaigns wrapped a piece of parchment with a message around a certain kind of cylinder called a Scytale.To decrypt the message, the recipient had to have a cylinder of the same size.In no time at all, the service offers him a number of possible soul mates, among them the very exciting-sounding Wendy.He sends her his e-mail address and what he hopes is an engaging opening message.Non-conformity is not the adoption of some pre-existing alternative subculture. One Greek tyrant hid messages on the scalps of his slaves’ heads, Thomas Jefferson invented a cipher wheel, with about 1,000 letters that had to be lined up just the right way to be decoded, and in World War II, an extremely advanced machine at the time, the Enigma, helped the Nazis gain advantage, and then helped the Allies win once they cracked it.

Get in touch only if: You are a spirited, erotic, non-conformist [sic].

She replies directly to him, and a whirlwind e-romance begins.