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The strong superficial resemblance of Aitoff's and Hammer's projections led to considerable confusion, even in technical literature. Schjerning in 1904 are related to the azimuthal equidistant, including the three variations of Werner's pseudoconic cordiform projection. Schjerning's second proposal is more easily described using a polar base projection which, like many star projections, has an inner hemisphere identical to a polar azimuthal equidistant's.The outer hemisphere is split in two appendages, and the whole map fits a 2:1 ellipse.Non-polar aspects (right) are visually intriguing novelties but of little practical value.In polar aspects, Wiechel maps combine the areal preservation of Lambert's azimuthal design with meridian lengths of the azimuthal equidistant projection. Wiechel's projection of 1879 shares some features of both the azimuthal equidistant and Lambert's azimuthal equal-area projections.The total mapped area does not change, therefore the projection remains equal-area, but no more azimuthal.In the polar aspect, meridians become circular arcs, and like in the azimuthal equidistant projection, standard lines; in full world maps, meridians are semicircles: they approach nearly parallel to the circular pole, creating large shape distortion.However, this influential design was quickly superseded by Hammer's work.

But when I added this check: only the problem from one of the polar aspects was fixed (and not at all from oblique aspects). Here is a link to the program I have so far if it will help with diagnoses: You will need the data folder with the image (and maybe some dll files I haven't included). I have been trying to write a program to perform the named projection but am having some problems where the texture is joined. showtopic=8330 as I was having problems with mapping initially but I think my mapping is now working I just have a problem with repeating texture coordinates. There is just some detracting distortion where the image is joined along the date line (the edge of the image): I think the problem problem is due to the wrapping of texture coordinates.

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